Developer platform for deep integrations with your customers' GTM and revenue stack

Reduce engineering and customer support time spent on complex integrations with your customers’ Systems of Record like Salesforce or Netsuite.

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Build and test a configurable, bi-directional sync with your customers’ 


Your customers’ GTM Systems of Record are heavily customized and configured. Use our Terraform-like declarative SDK to represent configuration, read from and write to custom objects, listen to events, and add transform functions. Choose sync frequency and data destinations, and use our CLI to deploy to our managed integration service.

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Onboard customer config and map objects effortlessly

Embed our UI components into your SaaS app so that your customers can map their custom objects and fields to your data model. Use our suggestions AI to offer your customers intelligent field mappings that make implementation easier. Manage audit trail of customer config through our configuration store.

Avoid surprises with powerful monitoring tools

Fix problems before your customers even see them. Monitor the health of critical integrations segmented by sources and environments. Get alerted on breaking changes in third-party APIs, permission errors, cost and quota issues, customer schema drifts, sync failures, and more.

Customer-first approach across the entire integration lifecycle


Write comprehensive integration specs and transformations for your data model and UI using our templates.

Test and Deploy

Iterate with confidence with our powerful CLI, hosted integration service, and vertical-specific sandboxes.


Easily map customer data with our embeddable auth and configuration modules. Maintain an audit trail of config changes.

Support and Scale

Alerts for third-party API changes, permission errors, config changes, sync failures and more.

Engineering and Product
Implementation and Customer Support

“Unified API products force-fit their model onto my application schema. Most of our customers treat Salesforce like a database and customize it heavily. A user-configurable and flexible platform like Ampersand is what’s needed.

John Pena     Co-founder and CTO

Ampersand is solving the integration problems we’ve had for years. Its monitoring and customer support tools will ease developer and CS pain significantly.

Tim McCarthy     Director of Customer Success

Integrations with various Systems of Record take up a lot of our engineering bandwidth during partnerships. Ampersand's architectural choices will make it easy to build and scale complex integrations.

Ankit Mathur     Engineering Lead, ML Infrastructure

Create robust, scalable and deep integrations in a fraction of the time

Spend less time creating integrations and more time on what’s most relevant - building your product roadmap.

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